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1. Is this a “Safe Walk”/walking safety App?

No, Buddio Walk matches remote walking buddies to provide users with the motivation and accountability of a companion who also wants to achieve a healthier lifestyle by going for walks more often. 
The App does not function as a safety precaution service or emergency alert system for individuals with personal safety concerns about walking alone from one destination to another. Walking with a remote buddy via the App does not decrease the environmental, health, or safety risks of walking alone, without the company of another trusted individual.

2. Do I meet my buddy locally to walk with them in person?

No, unlike apps created to connect users locally for in-person meetups and activities, Buddio Walk schedules two individuals to go for a walk at the same time in their respective locations. The concept is very similar to a pair of employees working remotely, each in their own home office.

3. Is my location or personal information shared with my buddy?
Your location and personal information are not collected by the App or shared with your walking buddy. 
During a scheduled walk, your buddy can see your chosen display name, walking or not walking status, time spent walking, and step count.

4. Who are my remote walking buddies?

Each buddy you are matched with is a user of the App just like you. Buddio Walk connects individuals pursuing healthier lifestyles by spending more time walking. 

5. How are remote walking buddies matched?

When requesting a walking buddy, each user indicates the time of day they are available to go for a walk. Users with overlapping availability are paired up to start walking at the mutually agreeable time.

6. Do I need to create an account?

Nope! All features of the App are accessed without creating an account, providing an email address, or logging in. Buddio deeply values and respects your privacy. To prove it, we designed the App so you do not provide any personal information, ensuring that we neither collect your sensitive information, not store it.

7. How long is each scheduled walk?

Walks are scheduled with a specific start time but no fixed end time, meaning you can walk however long you like and end your walk at any time. The same is true for your buddy; either user can end their own walk without disrupting the other.

8. Can I send a message to my buddy?

Walking buddies cannot chat or write text to one another. The App can notify you know when your buddy starts their walk, and the walking page will display each user’s status as “walking” or “not walking”.We want you to encourage and feel encouraged by your buddy though. 
During your walk, press the thumbs up button in the center of the walking page to send a motivating emoji to your buddy :) And keep an eye out for the celebratory emojis each buddy sends to motivate you as well!

9. Is Buddio Walk available for iPhone and Android?
Currently, Buddio Walk is only available for download on iOS/iPhone devices. An Android version of the App will be coming soon.

Our Story

In 2019, Buddio founder Abid Masood found himself helping a family member through a tough time. He was shocked at how hard it was to find resources on the road to wellness.


As someone who has also been dealing with mental health challenges himself, he wanted to create a platform that would give people more insight into their mental wellbeing, and encourage evidence-based steps towards healing.


Thus, Buddio was born. Abid hopes that it’ll be a helpful tool for others during difficult times.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Abid Masood

Abid Masood


Majesta (Jessie) Kitts
Product Manager

Akansha Choudhury

UI/UX Designer

Yassine El Yacoubi
Software Engineering Intern

Kelly Schloredt, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Advisor

Christopher Martell, PhD

Clinical Advisor

Christopher Martell
Kelly Schloredt
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