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Text-Based Chat with an Experienced
Peer Supporter




Peer Support


Science Based

Why Peer Support?

Peer Supporters are individuals with personal, lived experience in their own recovery, or experience as a family member or loved one. By offering insight into the recovery process based on their own experience, Peer Supporters are able to provide a unique perspective to those with similar life experiences.

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Types of Peer Support

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Emotional Support: 

Demonstrate empathy and caring, foster


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Informational Support: 

Health and wellness information, information regarding community services and supports

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Instrumental Support:

Provide concrete assistance in accomplishing tasks

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Affiliation Support:

Prompt social connections and engagement in community

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• Resource Broker

• Motivator

• Cheerleader

• Role Model

• Ally / Confidant   

• Advocate

• Mentor

• Truth Teller

• Problem Solver

Roles of a Peer Supporter

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• Sponsor

• Therapist

• Case Manager

• Nurse / Doctor

• Clergy

• Friend… but they     are friendly

A Peer Supporter is not a...

How this Chat helps



1. What is Peer Support? 

     Peer Support is the process of giving and receiving non-clinical assistance to               achieve long-term recovery from significant life, psychiatric, traumatic or addiction


2. Who are Peer Supporters? 

     A Peer Supporter is someone who has experienced the healing process of

     recovery from significant life, psychiatric, traumatic and/or substance use

     challenges and, as a result, can offer assistance and support to promote another

     peer’s own personal recovery journey. The Peer Supporter volunteers to share

     portions of their own experience in an appropriate and effective manner.

3. Why are Buddio app users called “Peers"? 

     In the context of peer support, a peer is a person who has current or past lived

     experience with a significant life, psychiatric, traumatic and/or addiction challenge,

     and may benefit from peer support.

4. Are Buddio chats confidential? 

      Yes, information shared by the peer with the Peer Supporter is not shared with

     others. Peer  Supporters only see your chosen display name, so your identity can

     be anonymous. App users also have the option to chat while using a guest

     account, meaning you do not have to share any personal identifiers with Buddio,

     not even your email.

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Our Story

In 2019, Buddio founder Abid Masood found himself helping a family member through a tough time. He was shocked at how hard it was to find resources on the road to wellness.


As someone who has also been dealing with mental health challenges himself, he wanted to create a platform that would give people more insight into their mental wellbeing, and encourage evidence-based steps towards healing.


Thus, Buddio was born. Abid hopes that it’ll be a helpful tool for others during difficult times.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Abid Masood

Abid Masood


Majesta (Jessie) Kitts
Product Manager

Akansha Choudhury

Graphic Designer

Yassine El Yacoubi
Software Engineering Intern

Kelly Schloredt, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Advisor

Christopher Martell, PhD

Clinical Advisor

Christopher Martell
Kelly Schloredt
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