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Based on the principles of CBT

How this chat helps

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your Automatic Negative Thoughts

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the accuracy of your Automatic Negative Thoughts

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your overthinking

to feel calm

How this Chat helps
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The science behind it all

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This process of Evaluating your Thoughts comes from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

CBT is considered the gold standard of psychotherapy. It involves correcting present behaviors and thought patterns, rather than focusing on what has led up to your difficulties.

The aim of applying CBT is to bring awareness to your thoughts and chart a path to change those unhelpful thinking patterns.



1. How does this help?

This chat follows the principle of the Evaluating Unhelpful Thoughts exercise of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is considered the gold standard of psychotherapy and places an emphasis on teaching individuals to help themselves.  


Evaluating your thoughts helps people reduce their stress by cultivating more positive and functional thought habits. It is not a guaranteed cure for your anxiety but a skill worth practicing – it is hard when you first begin, but with time you will find it easier and easier to challenge your own negative thoughts and beliefs.

2. How long does this chat last?

Each chat takes 20-30 minutes. You may schedule a chat anytime you want a listening ear.

3. How does it work?

We conduct our chats using the chat function in Zoom, but our videos and audios stay disabled throughout to ensure anonymity. 

Step 1

Download buddio app from the app store using this link.


Step 2

Schedule meet from the home page of the app.


Step 3

At the time of your chat, use your anonymous name and chat with a moderator.


Step 4

Feel better!

4. Will anyone see my responses?

We follow our privacy policy strictly. Anything you share stays between you and the moderator. We do not store your responses; when the Zoom meeting ends, the chat disappears. However, you are welcome to save it for your future reference. We also do not share your responses with any third party. This is a safe and judgment-free zone for you to open up about anything you’re struggling with.

5. How is it different from other chat-based mental health apps?

  • We have centered our app around helping people deal with anxiety, making it our focus.

  • We provide mental health support using the principles of science-based therapy techniques (CBT)

  • Our moderators are trained and supervised by clinical psychologists.

  • And our chat is highly introspective, with our moderators playing a facilitative role.

More questions? Please email us at

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Our Story

In 2019, Buddio founder Abid Masood found himself helping a family member through a tough time. He was shocked at how hard it was to find resources on the road to wellness.


As someone who has also been dealing with mental health challenges himself, he wanted to create a platform that would give people more insight into their mental wellbeing, and encourage evidence-based steps towards healing.


Thus, Buddio was born. Abid hopes that it’ll be a helpful tool for others during difficult times.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Abid Masood

Abid Masood

Salman Akram

Salman Akram
Software Developer


Anshu Tukol
Graphic Designer

Leslie Rodrigues
Product Manager

Kelly Schloredt, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Advisor

Christopher Martell, PhD

Clinical Advisor

Christopher Martell
Kelly Schloredt
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